I'm not a Creative. I'm an Accountant.

From an early age, I recognized that I wasn't the creative one in my family.  My brother and sister are both incredible artists, a gene they received from my mother.  It even skipped a generation and landed on my very talented graphic design artist daughter.  AND my father was a talented song writer.  I tried to draw once and about an hour later it was pretty apparent that I couldn't even draw a stick man straight.  So I stopped trying and focused on my own God-given talent...math. I excelled in school and then I excelled in my career. 

After 23 successful years in the accounting world, I still love my job.  I love the analytical side, the problem-solving, the process improvements.  It is my comfort zone.

Yet... there was something missing and it took a hard day, a lifelong friend and some paint to discover it.

As I was venting to my artistic friend she suggested that I come over, have a glass of wine and let out my frustrations on a blank canvas.  I shook my head knowing she had lost hers thinking painting would relieve stress for me but alas, I got in my vehicle and drove to her house.

The wine was average, the company was great, and I couldn't believe it but painting worked!  My mind was completely engrossed in creating as I lost myself with every stroke of the brush.  My first painting was no masterpiece, it was actually quiet a mess to be honest, but at the same time it was a reflection of how I was feeling at that moment.  But isn't that what art is?  An expression of yourself poured out on a canvas? 


The next day I found myself at Michael's buying my own paints, brushes, and canvases.  I bought a tarp and set up an art area in the middle of my living room. I couldn't believe me of all people was enjoying some form of creative outlet. 



It didn't stop there though, I bought a sketch book and began to draw images I'd see. It began to open me up to a whole new perception.  The world was no longer made up of numbers and spreadsheets, I began seeing lines, curves, and COLORS for the first time. 

I shared my works with my family and friends and as the compliments started happening, I thought maybe I did get a little bit of that gene after all.  I'm not a natural like them, but I definitely don't suck at it either. 

I'm not quitting the day job any time soon, but I have found something I enjoy.  Several of my pieces hang proudly in my home and it's nice to tell people when they remark on it, that I did that!  They don't realize that it still surprises me! 

Since that October in 2014, a month after I turned 40, I've found other channels of creativity that I enjoy such as photography, crocheting, crafts, and my usual go-to, writing. 

My point of sharing this is, don't rule something out, don't doubt that you can do it, and by God try again if you've failed before.  You may just discover a hidden talent that surprises you more than anyone!

Until next time, 

Keep Wandering!