Why the Wandering Gigi

When you read the book You are a Badass by Jen Sincero it makes you want to stop procrastinating and to do something!  Anything!  Hence this blog.  I've been saying I wanted to start another blog for... oh, I don't know... maybe five years.  So when I finished the last chapter of the book yesterday morning, I thought why in the hell am I not writing about things.   I opened up squarespace and stared at the blank space requesting me to name my domain.  As the cursor was blinking in the same spot, naturally mocking me for not already having a name picked out, I thought of something Jen mentioned in the book, "Instead of wasting hours and days and years trying to figure out your perfect next move, just DO something already". My fingers started typing The Wandering Gigi and with one mouse click and a confirmation the name is available... that is now who I have become.

Why The Wandering Gigi? 

I believe you don't have to go far to be a wanderer.  Don't get me wrong, this blog will be a place to write about my travels, road trips, and the discoveries along the way, but it will also be about wandering through life and the curious nature of who I am.  The ups, the downs and the somewhere in the middle where I usually find myself.  The Gigi part is just my most recent adventure.  On March 20th my lovely daughter and son-in-law brought a beautiful baby girl into this world completely changing my footprint in life.  I am a Gigi to my sweet Kinslee now and as I navigate through this new role, I will most likely share those experiences.


Through this blogging journey I hope to inspire, encourage, and relate to those who chose to take a few minutes of their day to read what pops out of my head onto the pages.

Keep Wandering!