Dog Park Don'ts

Dog Park Don'ts.jpg

Over the last two years, I’ve come to the conclusion this blog is necessary. It’s almost sad that it is, but after frequenting the local dark parks and dog parks across the U.S., I’ve decided that some dog parents need to be reminded of a few things:

1) If your dog is growling and snapping at other dogs as you enter the gates to the park… this may be a good indication that he is going to do the same thing when you unleash him. Too often I’ve seen people ignore these signs and then when the dog gets into a fight with other dogs in the park, they are the first to cuss out other owners.

2) Pick up your dogs crap! It’s a rule seen on every dog park and guess what people, most parks even supply you with bags. Use them!


3) Watch your dog. It’s ok to talk to other dog parents, but seriously keep an eye on your pooch. I have met many friends at the dog park and I cherish those conversations, but I always know where my dog is within the park.

4) Cellphones off. One of my biggest pet peeves is when owners come in and not only breaking rule #3 but also sitting staring at their phones or even worse talking on it. You will be there under an hour… it can wait.


5) Small kids. I’ve seen grown men and women be taken out (broken legs) from dog collisions. What do you think is going to happen to your 2 year old. Plus when the children run, guess what dogs are going to do? YES! Chase them. I’ve seen ugly fights between dogs too and if your kid gets in the middle of that or even near it, they can get seriously hurt. Most parks have a rule of 10+ years old to enter.

6) Sick dogs. I’ve seen kennel cough, dogs throwing up, pooping water and then go up and lick another dog right in the face. These have to be the parents that send their human kids to school with something contagious.

7) Dogs on a leash. When you come in a dog park and keep your dog on a leash, you are putting your dog in danger.

8) Aggressive dogs: if your dog has gotten into it with at least two other dogs in the time frame you are at the dog park - it’s time for you to go.

9) Small Dogs - there are parks that have separate areas for small dogs. Try to go to one of those. When small dogs are chasing big dogs, it’s very likely your dog will get hurt.

10) Remove prong collars. Let’s face it, dogs love to tug and they do tug on each others collars, so when you leave the prong collars on, another dog could get hurt.

If I have offended anyone in any of these statements… you are probably violating the rules so please read them again. Pay attention to the rules of the dog parks you enter. Every park I’ve ever visited have rules posted at the gate right in front of you. Take a minute and read them and ask yourself if you really can checkmark all of rules.

Until next time,

Keep Wandering.