44 Years and 44 Random Thoughts

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My life is full of randomness and turning another year older will probably just bring more of the same.  So in honor of my recent birthday, I’ve decided to write 44 of some of my most random thoughts over the years.  Here it goes, in no certain order…

  1. Insomnia makes me smarter!  I do more research at 2:00 a.m. than I ever did in college.

  2. I just don’t feel natural giving someone a high five or a fist bump over something not worthy of that kind of celebration, so I leave them hanging.

  3. Just because the box is BIG enough, doesn’t mean you have to stuff everything you own in it. 

  4. Attention Normal Sane Friends:  Please reproduce more frequently, it seems the world is being taken over by idiots.

  5. Some people who cross our paths were never intended to remain there, they served their purpose by walking with us to the next crossroads.  Bid them farewell and be on your way.

  6. You don’t have to be great at everything - but be great at being an ORIGINAL!

  7. Our past got us to where we are today and gaining from the lessons learned from it means changing ourselves instead of waiting for our circumstances to change.  If you are not constantly improving than that, in itself, is a tragedy.

  8. Happiness is a state of mind, not to be relied on others to make happen.

  9. The more we become dependent on instant results, the harder it is to relinquish control over the tougher things that take patience.

  10. If I apologize for being honest, it’s not because I would change my response, it’s because I feel sorry that you can’t handle it.

  11. They say Breakfast is the most important meal, so having it three times a day makes me feel very important.

  12. Practice makes perfect, right?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t just apply to good things. 

  13. Smile more!

  14. I am not afraid to admit that I’m not designed to do certain things.  Like fixing household appliances.

  15. When I resist Girl Scout Cookies - I feel like I have a SUPER POWER.

  16. I am old enough to remember a day without text messages.

  17. I am also old enough to remember a day without cell phones…

  18. Does anyone really find wife beater tank tops attractive?

  19. I try not to judge a book by its cover, but I do wish some people came with a synopsis at least.

  20. I have to separate my creative side from my accountant side…. creative accounting is what gets people put in jail.

  21. Don’t allow today to turn into tomorrow’s regret!  Just do it already!

  22. I think the magic eraser is one of life’s greatest inventions for people like me with a little OCD.

  23. Roll the windows down and enjoy the wind in your hair… it’s good to look like a hot mess every once in a while.

  24. Learn to change a flat tire.

  25. BUY the freaking shoes! Retail therapy is good for the soul.

  26. On a road trip it is ok to get lost and call it a detour.

  27. There are wizards in the world. I call them hair stylists.

  28. Only one bloody nose, 4 fights, one chasing, one punishment and plenty of laughs.  I’d say it was a pretty successful night of babysitting.

  29. We have become a society of over sharers.

  30. Can I really come up with 14 more random thoughts?

  31. Wonder if anyone has made it this far?

  32. This one isn’t mine but I love it: Stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump a puddle for you. (not sure of the author)

  33. You don’t have to go far to be a wanderer.

  34. Once, I fixed my toilet all by myself and I seriously walked around the rest of the day so damn proud of myself.  (Well, until I called everyone else in my life bragging about it and they already knew how to fix it so I had not discovered anything new.)

  35. Lesson learned from #34 - don’t brag about crap.  Just feel proud in silence.  (You know how awesome you are - who needs confirmation!)

  36. I had a weird dream - naked men were trying to feed me sushi.  (Dream dictionary - NAKED MAN means you want more out of a relationship or need a relationship.  SUSHI means there are raw emotions you have yet to deal with…. THE DREAM MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW)

  37. Get a dog.  It doesn’t matter how bad your day has been, when you walk through the door to a wagging tail, you forget about it.

  38. Once when I was tailgating, I asked a cop if he wanted a pig-n-blanket… his response: Is that supposed to be a funny joke? (he did eat one and let me snap a picture)

  39. Don’t make fun of your parents.  God has a sense of humor and will provide you with the same funny traits when you get old.

  40. On the same note, don’t ever ever ever say “my kids will never…” (Again, God has a sense of humor)

  41. Tell jokes, even if you mess them up.

  42. Keep some thoughts and moments for yourself.  There is no need for Facebook or Instagram followers to know everything.

  43. My brain can be chaotic sometimes and that’s why I follow #42

  44. (this one left blank intentionally)


I hope you enjoyed my randomness. I feel blessed to celebrate another rotation around the sun. Would love to hear any other random thoughts from you guys!

Until next time,

Keep Wandering!


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