Housewarming Party

I threw a housewarming party for one of my dearest friends.  But before I get into that, I want to take a moment to recognize this friend. She hasn’t been in my life for too long, but the impact she has had in it has been far greater than the time. We met while walking our new puppies, who were about the same age. We got them around the same time and before they came into our lives, we had been neighbors for months without knowing it. As the puppies bounced around biting each other and playing one morning, we began to talk. Those talks turned into visits, text messages, wine nights, dinners, and even a road trip together. The puppies instantly became best friends and our friendship continued to grow. At first we centered it around our dogs. Taking them on walks, to the dog park, on easter egg hunts and our conversations most often included talking about how cute they are. Over the last year, we got to know each other on a deeper level. The more I was around Abigail, the more I realized she was a friend for life. She has been there for me through some pretty tough times like losing my father. And she has also become a ray of sunshine in my life with her positive outlook on life and her honesty about things. So when she bought her first home, I wanted to do something special for her.

As I planned the “stock the wine rack” housewarming party, there was one thing I knew I had to incorporate. A cake that looked like her new home but with a cute detail of her dog, Iswell, waiting for her at the window. When we were neighbors, I could walk by her place when she wasn’t there and see Iswell’s cute little face waiting for her to return, looking out the window. I knew it would be the same in her new townhome. So, I emailed pictures of her new place and of Iswell to Ivey Cake in Brentwood, TN to see if they could bring my idea to life. I think they nailed it! It was a great centerpiece for the party and it was absolutely delicious!

The next thing I wanted to try my hand at for the small party was preparing a charcuterie board. The word, charcuterie, is a french word for dry-cured or smoked meats like bacon and sausage, but in order to make an EPIC charcuterie board, one can add cheeses, fruits, veggies and spreads. I got most of the items from our local Sprouts which included things like prosciutto, goat cheese, brie, gouda, honey, fig jam, guava spread, strawberries, grapes, dark chocolate, and plenty more delicious offerings. We also had a spread of crackers and bagel bites to enjoy. This was so fun putting together that I will definitely create this again and again for entertaining friends. (Also a good friend of mine handmade the board for us to use, which made it even more special.) .

I didn’t go overboard on decorations, because the house is the main attraction. I just bought some fresh flowers to add some color to the bar. This was so fun planning and even though it rained on the day of the party, I feel it was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. I am so proud of Abigail for purchasing her first home at a young age and being an independent and strong woman. I am blessed to call her my friend and I look forward to enjoying many more wine nights with her at her new pad.

Until next time,

Keep Wandering!